About My Father (2023)

Sebastian, who comes from an Italian immigrant family, informs his father, Salvo, about his plan to propose to his girlfriend who is from an all-American background. However, Salvo, who holds traditional values, strongly insists on being a part of their important moment. He goes even further by suggesting that they spend a weekend with the girlfriend’s affluent parents. Despite Sebastian’s initial intention of having a private proposal, Salvo’s desire to be involved leads to the possibility of an eventful and unexpected gathering with his girlfriend’s well-to-do family. Watch more Flixtor movies full free streaming in HD quality.

About My Father Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: About My Father (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Comedy
Director: Laura Terruso
Writer: Austen Earl, Sebastian Maniscalco
Stars: Robert De Niro, Sebastian Maniscalco, Leslie Bibb

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